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Opportunity knocks our door once in our lifetime, so make the best use of it. To make ourselves innovative, creative or incentive we need change. People those who initiate change will have better chances to manage the change which is imminent.

The United States of America is the country which does not need any introduction and the country is well known as “ Land of Opportunity”. This is the country where students have the best opportunity like “Earn while you Learn”. This is the main cause wherein every year nearly 40,000 students are filing US visa. The USA is also having another name as “Land of immigrants”

The American economy is considered as the world’s biggest economy as it is superior in its technology, maintaining of law and order, powerful and advanced defence system and also having effective government policies.

America is a tourist place and possesses a variety of climates and people. So those who want to study in the biggest economy can easily migrate to America.

The United Nations concerned authority, Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) provides different options for people those who want to migrate to their country.

Here is the list of US visa programs which are wide open globally for students, business personnel and also for professionals.

  • US B-1 and B2 Visa Permits
  • US H1B, H2B, H3, H4 Visa Permits
  • US L1 Permit or Intra-company Transfer
  • US E Permit
  • US J Permit
  • US Green Card


US B-1 and B2 Visa Permits

B1 and B2 Visa –

  • People those who want to visit the United Nations of America require a non-immigrant visa/tourist visa. All the tourists need this visa to enter the country. To follow the procedure many tourists approach visa consultants before scheduling their interview dates.

US B1/B2 Visa Assistance

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H-1B Visa Category

Who desires to work in the United States of America needs a work permit, i.e     H-1B  Visa.  The United States of America under the Immigration and Nationality Act allows foreign workers to work temporarily in their country by providing them H-1B Visa to work in their specialty occupations.

Structure of the Program

  • Every foreign individual requires a work authorization to work temporarily in a specialty occupation.
  • The foreign worker must hold a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent degree before applying for the H-1B Visa.
  • H-1B Visa permit is strictly limited to employment purpose.
  • If the foreign worker H-1B status expires he/she has to leave the country. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, allows the person to stay for a short period of 60 days as a grace period after the H-1B visa expires.


Duration of Stay For H-1B Holders

  • All H-1B holders are subject to stay for a period of three years. They can extend it to three more years. To extend their visa the H-1B holder in his fifth year he/she has to submit an I-140 immigrant petition or a labour certification to renew their H-1B visa status.
  • The maximum duration of H-1B Visa is valid up to ten years. There is an exception for US defence project related workers.

Application Process

Obtaining H-1B Visa works in three stages.

  • On behalf of the employee, The employer files an application with the US Department of Labor a Labor Condition Application pertaining to the working conditions and wages.
  • The employer files a Form I-129(Petition for a Non-immigrant Worker) with relevant attestations.
  • Once the I-129 is approved the worker can step into his employment.

F Visa

A type of non-immigrant student visa wherein the international students are allowed to pursue education or language training programs in the United States of America. These visas are issued by the U.S embassies and Consulates outside the country. There are three types of F Visas. F1, F2, and F3.

F1 Visa –Students are subject to study full-time courses.

F2 Visa – These visas are issued to the spouses and children of F-1 holders.

F3 Visa –These visas are given to Canadians and Mexican who wish to study in US schools.

Procedure to be followed to apply for an F1 Visa.

Any foreign student who wishes to study in America requires a US study visa/F1 Visa.

To obtain a visa students have to follow a few steps.

  • Initially, they have to search for a school and get accepted by the school.
  • Students have to pay the application fee and they have to receive I-20 form.
  • Students are required to fill the F1 Visa application form and schedule an interview.
  • Once his visa is approved then he/she is eligible to step into the school in the United States of America.

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