Illinois Notary Bond $5,000, 4 years

how much does a $5,000 surety bond cost

They are licensed in all 50 states and can offer thousands of bond types. A probate bond is required when an individual is appointed by the court to act on behalf of others, as a caregiver for example, or to manage someone’s assets. A custodian bond, which is a type of probate bond, ensures an appointed custodian will care for an individual and his or her finances ethically and according to directions endorsed by a court ruling. These bonds are frequently required of court-appointed custodians who care for minors, the elderly, or disabled individuals to protect them from fraud, embezzlement, or other illegal acts. Surety Bonds Direct, our best overall surety bond company, shops the market to get you the best pricing, delivers the same or next day, and can fulfill over 150 bond types. Payment bonds are subject to underwriting and can typically be issued at a rate of 3% of the bond amount for qualified applicants. This means that $100,000 of bond coverage could cost as little as $3,000.

  • It also comes with errors and omissions coverage, which may be a good thing to have if anything goes wrong during the process of notarizing documents.
  • While a surety bond covers the obligee against financial harm, it is not insurance.
  • We value highly for their nationwide service coverage and clear-cut explanations, making them our best for probate bonds.
  • E&O protects the notary and will cover payments on your bond due to your honest mistakes, omissions, or false accusations only up to the limit on your policy.
  • While a bad company credit history won’t necessarily disqualify you from getting a bond, it will raise the risk and, therefore, the surety bond cost.

Aside from surety bonds, the company also provides over 20 types of insurance products and consulting services for 15 different types of commercial benefits. Cost and terms of bonds differ based on the state that requires the bond, the specific type of bond, industry, size of bond amount, and the credit history of the business.

What Factors Impact the Price of a Bond?

If you have bad credit, you might want to consider submitting additional information along with your application. Industry experience, strong financials or liquid assets can all contribute to a lower premium despite a less-than-stellar credit score. Contractors in many states or municipalities may be required to post a surety bond in the amount of $5,000 before they are issued a license. Such states include Indiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Arizona and others. $5,000 surety bonds are required from motor vehicle dealers in many states, although this amount more frequently applies to motorcycle or other small motorized vehicle dealers rather than automobile dealers. Some of these states are Wisconsin, Washington, Connecticut, Minnesota, South Dakota and Maine. Our favorite overall, Surety Bonds Direct, has a clean, easy-to-navigate website and a simple bond cost estimate calculator.

We will file your application and bond electronically with the state and manufacture your notary stamp once you are approved as a notary. US Citizenship– non-US citizens are seen as higher risk by surety companies because they have no ties to this country that would keep them here to pay off the bond. Proof of being in the process of obtaining citizenship can help, however. If you have already filed your notary application and received an approval of commission from the State, you have come to the right place!

Employment Counseling Service Bond ($50,000/$100,

Purchase your bond instantly online when you choose one of the 3 options below. Protect yourself from potential financial loss by including errors and omissions coverage with your bond. Surety companies assess the level of risk by the bond type and the applicant’s financial history. A bond type with higher risk plus an applicant’s poor credit may result in a premium that could be as high as 20% of the bond amount. Florida requires telemarketers to get licensed and procure a surety bond to protect consumers and make sure telemarketers comply with applicable rules and regulations. As you see the $50,000 amount is not the sum required from the holder of the surety bond. Instead, this is the amount up to which a claimant on the bond can get compensated.

how much does a $5,000 surety bond cost

For example, with a 750 credit score, a $20,000 surety bond may qualify for a 1% rate, making your premium cost $200. If your credit score is 600, that same bond could carry a 5% rate and a $1,000 premium cost. You can get a quick estimate of your bond cost by using the online calculator. If a consumer files a claim against you, the surety bond company will require you to reimburse them for any loss, attorney fees, or court costs. E&O protects the notary and will cover payments on your bond due to your honest mistakes, omissions, or false accusations only up to the limit on your policy.


You can purchase a notary bond from AAN by clicking on the button below. Unlike other types of surety bonds, Mississippi notary bonds do not require a credit check as part of the underwriting process. As a result, the bonds are often issued instantly upon completing the application. The Mississippi Secretary of State requires notary publics to post a surety bond to be eligible to operate in the state. The bonds protect the public from any financial losses resulting from the notary’s negligence or misconduct. They are issued for four-year terms and remain in effect unless canceled by the surety company.

How do I get bonded and insured in Colorado?

Apply for the bond and await approval from the bond agent. Once approved, you'll sign an indemnity agreement, pay the bond premium and provide a copy of the bond to any customer that requires it. You'll also need to provide the state with a copy of your bond in accordance to Colorado requirements for your license.

While you’ll pay less than the coverage amount to get the bond, you can be liable up to that amount if a claim against you is upheld in court. wins our best probate bonds title due to their clear and concise educational explanations on their website and their expertise in probate bonds across all 50 states. Bryant Surety Bonds stood how much does a $5,000 surety bond cost out as the best for contract bonds due to its presence nationwide, lower rates, money-back guarantee, and its access to specialty programs that many competitors can’t touch. Besides honest mistakes and omissions, false accusations of wrongdoing can become expensive as you pay for an attorney and court costs while fighting the allegations.

How We Chose the Best Surety Bond Companies

Although a bond is not insurance, many surety bond companies are also insurance companies. A Notary bond is a type of surety bond that gives limited protection to another party against financial loss due to a mistake, omission, or wrongful act by a notary public.

how much does a $5,000 surety bond cost

If a notary fails to abide by the law or the terms of the bond, the bond protects any of the harmed parties. The surety pays to settle the claim, and the principal must reimburse the surety.

Bid bond cost

The surety company issuing the bond determines the percentage of the total bond amount you need to pay as a premium. You can apply online for the bond directly through a surety company or agency. After your application is approved, you will receive a surety bond quote with the bond premium.

Premiums are higher, but our surety bond experts can help you lower them as much as possible. Taking active steps to improve your credit reports can help you get a lower premium when bond renewal is due. If you work to improve your credit score, and clear past due items from your credit report, you can gradually see your bonding costs go down. We value highly for their nationwide service coverage and clear-cut explanations, making them our best for probate bonds. After you are approved, the Secretary of State’s office will mail you the Commission Certificate. For more details on becoming a notary public in Mississippi, you can visit the Mississippi Secretary of State website.

Of course, we can typically handle all credit types — from excellent to poor — as such those terms vary. Surety bonds can help contractors ensure they get paid and clients get their projects finished. To receive a fair premium, be sure to maintain a good credit score and research the type of bond you’ll need. Additionally, if you have a history of completing your work on time and in a satisfactory manner, your premium could also be lower.

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