Chairman’s Vision

“Life is not about thinking and finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”

This is the only concept which made me sit in the chair as “Chairman” after many years of hard work. I remember the day when I completed my graduation and in search of the right person who can shape me to fulfill my dream to study in abroad. The days were passing but could not find any proper person to guide me. A spark ignited my mind at that time “Why not I take a leading step to train the students who wants to pursue a foreign education?”

This thought made me work day and night and gain experience by doing research in this area and finally started Overseas Academy and it has helped send thousands of students abroad to pursue higher education.

We provide accurate and realistic information on

  • job opportunities
  • Scholarship
  • Paid Internship Programs
  • Part-time Job Details
  • Provides updated information on Visa Processing and Study Opportunities.
  • Transparency will be maintained while your documentation is in the process.

Fulbright Scholarship

The United States of America designed an outstanding national research collaboration in the areas of Arts and Cultural Exchange programs, to improve inter-cultural relations and competence among the countries. The main goal of this program is to exchange of skills between people of the United States and other countries. This program is the most prestigious program in the world. Fulbright Scholarship is the largest educational exchange scholarship which has been spreading its branches globally in more than 160 countries. Fulbright scholarship encourages students interest in pursuing further education overseas.

STEPIN LEADS Overseas Academy trains aspiring candidates for seeking admission into top-graded institutions in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Humber International Entrance Scholarships

Humber  College offers scholarships for international students. This is very competitive and applications will be sorted on the academic performance and community involvement depending on the statement of interest of the candidate. Humber Scholarship mainly focuses on career-based learning. The scholarship is renewable for all the full-time and part-time new international undergraduate students. Humber scholarships are applicable to Indian students and also students from 238 countries.

Study Abroad