Chairman’s Vision

“Life is not about thinking and finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”

This is the only concept which made me sit in the chair as “Chairman” after many years of hard work. I remember the day when I completed my graduation and in search of the right person who can shape me to fulfill my dream to study in abroad. The days were passing but could not find any proper person to guide me. A spark ignited my mind at that time “Why not I take a leading step to train the students who wants to pursue a foreign education?”

This thought made me work day and night and gain experience by doing research in this area and finally started Overseas Academy and it has helped send thousands of students abroad to pursue higher education.

Mr. Vanguri Brahmaiah

Chairman & Managing Director

An educated young man who entered the field of education with great courage, Mr.BrahmaiahVanguri, became a mentor to the students who wanted to pursue their higher education abroad and won the admiration of students as well as parents, paving a golden path for their future. He has traveled to many countries and researched on foreign education. He launched Stepinleads Overseas Academy Pvt Ltd with the sole intention of working for the students to help them get into the best-fit universities of their choice based on their aptitude, credentials and goals. He is well known by his reliability, sincerity and intelligence.