At inception all our dreams seem to be impossible, then they may be fanciful and when we summon, they naturally become imminent.

Studying in Canada is also in the same way, in the beginning, we will dream but if we approach the right path then it will become inevitable.

To reach the highest level in your career you must opt for a better University for your higher studies within your reach. If you are aware of a few most interesting things about Canada, definitely you will take the correct decision.

Canada occupied the top tier of international rankings and Canada’s teenagers are recorded as the best educated in the world. All the statistics say that Canada possesses 55% of the world’s highest working-age adults through higher education. The survey also states that one-third parent of young adults in Canada is from another country.

Canada, The second largest country in the world, is globally recognized as a prosperous, industrialized and modernized country. The country of Canada has been recognized because of its high quality of educational institutions.


  • Recruiters from many multi-national companies select students from Canadian campuses as the quality of students is in higher grades.
  • Students need not worry about their secured diplomas and degrees as they have worldwide recognition.
  • Among the few selected countries, Canadian students scored top in reading, mathematics and sciences and also in OECD’s program for International Students Assessment (PISA) study.


Students who select Canda for their higher education have a variety of choices. There are 90-degree universities and nearly 200 community colleges. Along with this, there are several private language schools and also corporate training institutions. The Canadian education system is strong enough to support and provide services for international students.


The Canadian economy concentrates more on the educational system than any other country in the world. As a result, all the universities and colleges offer low tuition fee rates for global students. The cost of study in Canada is comparatively less than the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Standard of Living

Surveys say that Canada has been chosen by the UNO  as one of the best places for higher education with reasonable tuition fee, healthcare system, clean and secure place for students with multi-cultural ethnic cities with amazing recreational amenities.

Canadian Educational System

We cannot find out the federal educational system in the country as the education is under the complete jurisdiction of the provinces and territories. Public Education is free in Canada which includes secondary schools also.

One can find a significant difference between the education system of Canada to that of India. Where the 12th standard is the highest grade in India but the 13th standard can be seen in Canada in some of the provinces.

Post-secondary education is offered by educational institutions include-

  • Universities
  • University Colleges
  • Community Colleges/Technical Institutes
  • Career Colleges

Interesting Facts:

  • Most interesting fact is, those who can speak English, they can easily survive in Canada as English and French are official languages.
  • Canada is the home for all top-ranked universities in the world.
  • All universities in Canada are filled with more than 120,000 international students every year. So the students will be exposed to multicultural activities and environment also.
  • Students can enjoy a safe and high standard of life if they choose Canada for their higher studies.
  • Canada’s teaching style is very effective and innovative so it is a great opportunity for students to improve their standards and skills.
  • Study options in Canada include –
  • Business – Students can study business in universities like McGill University, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia.
  • Environmental Science – University of Calgary, University of Alberta, Dalhousie University.
  • Social Sciences- Simon Fraser University, University of Western Ontario.
  • Engineering and Technology – University of Regina, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal.
  • Medicine- McMaster University, York University, University of Saskatchewan.
  • Arts- University of Windsor, Toronto Film School.
  • Canada possesses many favourable circumstances for young and dynamic, where immigration is the foundation for economic growth and which brings people all over the world. There is a chance to exchange their customs, traditions, which makes Canada the world’s best multicultural country to live in.
  • All Canadians can enjoy free health care program. Senior citizens who cross the age limit of 65 are eligible to receive their drugs for free of cost. Canada not only supports students but also senior citizens by benefitting them with best schemes like pension, family allowance, insurance and welfare.
  • Canadians stand in the first place and experts says that they live longer and suffer less chronic illnesses and disabilities.
  • The institution, Universite Laval founded in 1852 by Queen Victoria is the oldest institution for higher learning in Canada. It is also the first institution which offers higher education in French.

Tuition Fee

Course Fee

$ (Canadian Dollars)

English Study

$ 180 – $ 290 per week

Secondary School

$ 9000 – $ 12,500 per year


$ 6,000 – $ 13,000 per year


$ 7,000 – $ 15,000 per year

Note: Tuition fees vary from province to province and from program to program.

Living cost & expenses

$ (Canadian Dollars)

Home stay

$ 300 – $ 900 per month


$ 250 – $ 515 per month


$ 300 – $ 700 per month(Shared Apartment)