Why Australia?
Australia is a potent and vibrant country. It is also a multi-cultural and multi-racial country which projects on the lifestyle, cultural practices and experiences of the people. The Australian environment is very lively, energetic and innovative wherein students from other countries can accommodate easily and happily. This is the greatest opportunity for students who select Australia for their higher studies.
Coming to the life style, students are very fortunate to benefit the tuition cost and living expenses as they are less compared with the UK and USA.
Australia abides by an international reputation for its excellence in education and training areas.
Australian universities are well known for their discipline and career-oriented training programs. This opportunity facilitates foreign students to prove their skills demanded by the employers.
Choosing Australia for higher studies, Students can open their knowledge door before the world of study with their confidence, skills and enthusiasm.
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      Australian Education System
      Australian higher education system consists of technical, undergraduate, and post graduate courses. All the institutions offering these courses for international students must be registered with the government. Australia is well-known globally for its educational system as it offers 12,000 courses which are globally recognized and meet the world-class standards. Selecting Australia for higher studies is the best choice as it accommodates yearly 20,000 foreign students. Finally, as Australia is a multicultural society, students can easily mingle freely with other students even though they are from different backgrounds. Educational Opportunities for International Students Australia offers many opportunities for international students and concentrates in fields like research and innovation. Some of the important courses offered by the country are as follows.

    • Australia offers widely vocational courses and many qualifying courses in the fields of business, finance, tourism, IT, engineering and also in visual arts. The institutions which are offering these courses are called ‘colleges’ or TAFE (Technical and Further Education).
    • Interested students can enter TAFE institutions by following different norms laid by the universities.
    • Some of the programs are employment-based and others are training programs which ultimately lead to a tertiary degree.
    • Students according to their convenience can select three years or four years degree courses of their interest.
    • Australia provides an excellent opportunity for international students who are interested to do Australian Bacheor’s Degree in the most prestigious field of medical.
    • International students can also benefit Foundation courses.
    • Many universities offer post-graduate degree courses and doctoral degrees in specific fields and admissions into these courses are based on the previous under graduation courses.
    • Students who want to join the honorable Doctoral Degree by Australian universities must possess Master’s Degree in their interesting field of study.
    • To benefit the international students some of the Australian institutions offer Summer programs to make them comfortable and widen their areas of interest after they step into their regular courses.
    • Academic outlook Australia occupies number one place in the world with a 99% literacy rate. To maintain the standards, Australia made it compulsory for the children a 11 years of primary education. After primary education children can move to their interested areas by taking vocational courses, job oriented courses or higher education. Some of the universities follow three-semester and others four-semester calendar basis according to their universities norms. So if you desire to be a part of the best educational system in the world, Why don’t you choose Australia for your higher education? 

  • Standard Education and Assurances
    • TEQSA – The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency is a government agency which regulates and assures the standards/quality of the higher education sector in Australia.
    • Code of Ethics – The Code of Ethics mainly aims to safeguard foreign students and provides basic admission information which includes arrival,orientation, fee-charges, refunds, and finally university support to return home country of international students.
    • ESOS – Educational Services for Overseas Students. All the students who step into the country with a student visa are covered with a consumer and financial protection of the ESOS Act 2000.

Interesting Facts about Australia

  • As Australia’s Capital city is cradled between two mountains it is named as Canberra.
  • One interesting fact is that Australia ranks globally 56th in broadband speed.
  • Australia is well known for purebred camels and nearly 1 million Camels roam in Australian’s Deserts.
  • There are nearly 150 million sheep, which is more than the human population of Australia.
  • Australia is the land for different species. Koala bear, Kangaroo is a special attraction for tourists to Australia.
  • Western Australia is well known for its Pink Lakes like ‘Lake Hillier”.

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