About Stepin Leads Overseas Academy

 “Achievers do not do different things to achieve their achievements. They think and do things differently.”

Who We Are?

Human progress is neither created by God nor inevitable. It is our own creation. Our successful life journey must start with a single step. Taking correct decisions in the correct time leads to success. Step into our “STEPIN LEADS Overseas Academy”, for your career crafting. Our main motto is to accomplish value based education for aspiring candidates who are intended to pursue their higher education overseas.

STEPIN LEADS Overseas Academy is started and managed by a professional team who are experts in training the students in versatile courses and providing proper guidance in educational streamline especially to United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Latvia).

The main requisite for any great startup is self-confidence, and self- confidence is contagious, we will catch up the students and groom them in their interested fields and train them in their related mandatory exams. This strengthens student confidence and they can easily pass their necessary levels and can join in the universities of their choice.

STEPIN LEADS Overseas Academy takes it as a challenge in crafting the career of the candidates through our experienced educational experts and also provide free counselling by their experienced expert counsellors.

Stepin Leads Overseas Academy

We brush up your skills to fasten your career after your Graduation or Post graduation.

We are a Registered Training Organization that delivers professional training and assessment services to individuals and organizations.

We are the best trainers and our experienced team will train the students to meet their required standards in their respective fields.

At Stepin Leads, we extend our helping hand to provide quality education accessible to everyone.

Always bringing a difference makes us energetic and idealistic as well as gaining experience and wisdom. We are a young and vibrant organization with undiminished ambitions. Our outlook is progressive and optimistic. We open our doors to anyone who is prepared to work hard to make a difference.

Why STEPIN LEADS Overseas Academy ?

  • Need based training for every candidate
  • Well researched course materials
  • Training by Industry experts
  • Affordable course fee
  • Certified Computer Coaching
  • Individual/ personal care
  • Round the clock evaluation
  • Weekend classes available

Our Motto

“I am still learning”, reminds us that the search for knowledge never ends. We are fired with a restless ambition that pushes us to do things much better, to set new benchmarks and to break new ground.

We go beyond the limitations and make an impact among the candidates in inculcating their skills in English and Computers

Need to improve your English or study skills?

Wanna go abroad?

Learn specific knowledge to enter into your career?

Our Major initiatives!!

Safe environment,Best Practices in Classroom Management and make students feel secure to learn

Opulence (Mental happiness) Building self-confidence, independence and responsibility

Accountability Covers education to give an account of their work and holds them responsible for their performance.

Mr. V. Brahmaiah

Chairman & Managing Director

An educated young man who entered the field of education with great courage, MR. V.Brahmaiah became a mentor to the students who wanted to pursue their higher education abroad and won the admiration of students and parents, paving a golden path for their future.

“Life is not about thinking and finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.” This is the only concept which made me sit in the chair as “Director” after many years of hard work.I remember the day when I completed my graduation and in search of the right person who can shape me to fulfill my dream to study in abroad. The days were passing but could not find any proper person to guide me. A spark ignited my mind, “Why not I take a leading step to train students”.
This thought made me work day and night and finally started a training center in Hyderabad and provided training for hundreds of students.
I am proud to take the charge as the Director for Stepin Leads Overseas Academy. I acknowledge my students that we are responsible trainers with ten years of experience having a title, “ International Student Advisor”, And sent more than one thousand students to countries like USA, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand etc.
“Think before you take your initial career step, we are here to guide you, train you and make you confident to build your strong and beautiful career.

We provide accurate and realistic information on

  • job opportunities
  • Scholarship
  • Paid Internship Programs
  • Part-time Job Details
  • Provides updated information on Visa Processing and Study Opportunities.
  • Transparency will be maintained while your documentation is in the process.

Fulbright Scholarship

The United States of America designed an outstanding national research collaboration in the areas of Arts and Cultural Exchange programs, to improve inter-cultural relations and competence among the countries. The main goal of this program is to exchange of skills between people of the United States and other countries. This program is the most prestigious program in the world. Fulbright Scholarship is the largest educational exchange scholarship which has been spreading its branches globally in more than 160 countries. Fulbright scholarship encourages students interest in pursuing further education overseas.

STEPIN LEADS Overseas Academy trains aspiring candidates for seeking admission into top-graded institutions in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Humber International Entrance Scholarships

Humber  College offers scholarships for international students. This is very competitive and applications will be sorted on the academic performance and community involvement depending on the statement of interest of the candidate. Humber Scholarship mainly focuses on career-based learning. The scholarship is renewable for all the full-time and part-time new international undergraduate students. Humber scholarships are applicable to Indian students and also students from 238 countries.

Study Abroad